Home Webcam Captures Burglary in Action

TLDR: I chased some guy out of my garage with a knife and was featured on the local news.

Since I travel frequently and for extended periods to Tokyo, I have webcams installed so I can monitor my home while I’m away. On 8/15/2016 – My garage door was accidentally left open (Chamberlin Garage Keychain Remotes Suck) and at 11:58pm, I received notifications from my surveillance cameras of motion detected in the garage. My camera captured footage of a suspect rummaging through my car.

I went to the kitchen to grab a knife before going into the garage to confront the suspect. The suspect had taken an empty wallet from my car.

I chased the suspect out of my garage and he threw my wallet on the ground and was about to attack me. I started waving my knife at him while yelling “help” and “police.” – The suspect ran away on Overland Rd towards Rambling Rd.

My neighbor suggested I post the details of this incident on nextdoor.com. A day later, a reporter from 10news showed up at my door to do a segment on my story.

Thieves suck. I’m not sure why I used the word “gentleman” to describe the burglar.

Description of Suspect – Hair: Brown Hair, Top: Green sweatshirt, Bottom: Jeans, Age: 35-45, Build: Normal to heavy, Race: White, Sex: Male, Other details: Facial Hair: Goatee. Anyone with information should call the Encinitas Sheriff’s Department: (760) 966-3500 and reference the report number: CN 16141477.

Thought of the day:
Facial detection technology exists… couldn’t the authorities run facial detection on the photos I provided against the DMV database, then narrow down based on the description of the suspect? Also, everyone has a cell phone nowadays and telecom companies log location information (at minimum, which tower the device was connected to). Facebook can do it, why not the authorities?