Free $186 worth of crypto via Coinbase referral links

Curious about Crypto? Use my Coinbase sign up link and get $186 worth of free crypto. Signup gives $10 worth of bitcoin and complete the Coinbase rewards for an additional $176. Use referral links for BAND, COMP, and XML for maximum rewards.

$10 Coinbase signup link:

Answers for Reward Questions:

NuCypher (NU) – $3

  1. End to End encryption
  2. Independent nodes to perform tasks
  3. Paying Ethereum transaction fees

Band (BAND) – up to $49 – Use Referral Link:

  1. Real world data
  2. Oracles
  3. Earn crypto rewards

The Graph (GRT) – $3

  1. Blockchain data
  2. GRT token
  3. Curators

Celo (CGLD) – $6

  1. By making crypto accessible on mobile phones
  2. Staking, governance
  3. Using the Valora mobile app

Compound (COMP) – up to $59 – Use Referral Link:

  1. Earning interest on your crypto
  2. Supply a crypto asset as collateral
  3. COMP token holders

Maker (MKR) – $6

  1. MKR and DAI
  2. MKR holders
  3. A crypto wallet and crypto collateral

Stellar Lumens (XML) – up tp $50 – Use Referral Link:

  1. Stellar is a decentralized coin that unites currencies
  2. Facilitating low cost universal payments
  3. Fast and Global
  4. To issue and exchange tokens quickly 5. It relies on the agreement of trusted nodes
  5. It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions

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