OSX Virtualization, Hackintosh, 4 phases of assimilation into the Apple Computer Cult

Phase 1: The Resistance – Below are my attempts to run OSX without owning Apple Hardware.
OSX can be virtualized — it just runs like ass on my old Thinkpad.



In 2012, using some recycled parts, I was able to build a high end Hackintosh (specwise, obviously) for $800.


Phase 2: Coercion – If you do any kind of iOS development, you will eventually convert to a Mac (likely with kicking, cursing, and screaming).

Once you get over the:

  • New workflow (“forced to use it for work”)
  • OSX UI elements are completely opposite of Windows
  • Many options like “Viewing hidden files in Finder” require a terminal intervention.
  • Paying double or triple what you’d normally pay for a comparable PC

Phase 3: Adoption  
**gasp** You might actually start liking Apple computers and wondering why it took so long to convert.**gasp**

Phase 4: Acceptance
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated into the Apple Cult – really, because all Operating Systems are crap and OSX is just slightly less crappier than Windows 😛


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